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Year 2013 July 11, 2013

Posted by Joanne Eve Fraelic - PsychicChoices.com in Inspirational Messages.

The sad but gift of the truth, is that all Government’s LIE and DECEIVE and their angle is to keep the people in the DARK and hold power and control over them.

We will see many truths come to the surface and much deception and lies exposed beginning with this year, and it will continue ongoing exposing the truth. I know it is very difficult NOT to react with anger and fear, but DON”T because that is the only way that we as a collective humanity can change and stop the senseless killing, lies and deception.

That is their prime objective, to keep us all in fear and anger, which FEEDS into the victim state which keeps them all in power and control…..the old para dimes or conditioning; “right and wrong, poor and rich, strong and weak” and the very worst “who gets to decide who dies and who gets to live”, (senseless wars, Drone attacks etc). But really it is all a joke and fake, because people know in their hearts what right and wrong truly is and no one can be tricked into NOT trusting their inner knowing.

All the revolts around the world against senseless killing is proof that humanity is awakening and unplugging from these old belief forms and we are all collectively changing our future outcome on earth by becoming aware of the fear and control based programming, and no longer choosing that outcome as our future.

Becoming aware and the deception being exposed at so many levels of our existence, is proof that we are consciously choosing a new future without lies and deception. So that we can move into our true purpose of existing, to create a conscious future that is based on cherishing all life and choosing to live always in harmony, balance and integrity for all that is. That is our true nature, to be human is to love life and respecting all life forms, and harmoniously co-exist together by embracing all experiences as creation unfolding.

The TV series “TOUGH” is on again, worth watching as they are bringing up some of the vary points that I have made here with proof that the Universe unfolding is the only “control” part that we can know is truth in form, and that we can truly count on. As the masses of souls on earth “unplug” from the lies and deception forced on us daily, we are freeing ourselves from control and bondage, that is completely the opposite to who we truly are as human beings….hence the term “integrating our shadow selves” is to fully know the complete powerful light beings that we humans truly are!

First is awareness, which allows us to unplug and stop believing in the programming or conditioning, which in turn causes breakdown of deception, which allows us all to create the future outcome that we all know is in our highest good. These times we live in are miraculous in transformation of humanity into a higher state of being, with enlightened knowledge, consciousness and choice. Evil will always be in existence but how we perceive that evil or choose not to let it break our human spirit, is key to our “inner growth and awareness”, in knowing that we are all just doing our part in this enlightened evolution within the infinite Universe unfolding.

So for me it seams very clear that it is always in my best interest, to view all life happenings and experiences with an open mind and heart, ready to receive new knowledge based on my personal choice, and not on the projected programs or conditioning of others. That is what feels in truth to how I exist and live my life, and gives me an inner knowing that I am “creating what I naturally choose my life to be. Which also empowers me to know that I am creating my life according to my own inner power of purpose, and it also allows me not to believe untruths or deception to bring me down in life.

I deeply appreciate everyone’s intelligence, sensitive inner knowing and perspectives, and I am happy to see that there are those of you who are choosing to question the very core of all deception, lies and misery on earth. As we all embrace our human consciousness, we are unhooking from the deceptions and lies, and we are no longer being affected by actions of distructive fear and anger, and that is what will “stop” the senseless killing and unconscious human beliefs that LIMIT us from how “powerful” we truly are.

We need to be aware of the “celebration” on earth that is happening now, our awareness of all knowledge of the Universe birthing within us all. As we evolve forward we will naturally create a more harmonious and balanced existence, based on integrity, compassion, love and growth and knowing all possibility is based on “infinity” and no longer “limitation” of anything. That is why we are questioning our enlightened rights as humanity and choosing to create a new world without limitation, hence no more feeding into fear, pain, struggle or LACK of anything in our lives.

So bless the “truth warriors” of humanity to have the courage and integrity to speak out and expose the lies and excuses for killing others or creating distruction of any kind! There is hope and proof that humanity is waking up and no longer being silent, and proof that we humans are choosing that killing others is not an option anymore. We are awakening your “truth heart center” within each of us, and collectively knowing the ONENESS that we each share.

Speak of environmental changes in connection to consciousness.


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