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Year 2012 April 5, 2012

Posted by Joanne Eve Fraelic - PsychicChoices.com in Inspirational Messages.
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2012 Message from Mother Earth’s OCEANS & WHALES

I agree to be the cosmic being that I was created to be & complete the contracts that I have agreed to fulfill.

Dear compassionate mother OCEAN, purifying, cleansing, releasing, continually balancing, & recharging every droplet of water within us, bless you for infinitely being there for all life for all times. You give life, you are full of life & mysteries, you take life & are always in harmony with all oneness holding the balance for all time.  Bless your gentle giants the WHALES for choosing to co-exist with our life transformations & to teach us. Bless their healing songs that continually heal us & align our body frequencies to be able to let love into our hearts & complete being.  Bless you for constantly raising our vibrations to align to the balance & harmony of all life forms in oneness. You guard the mysteries & sacredness of the ocean, & gently when we are ready you download & gift us timeless knowledge that helps us to feel, be & desire the oneness that we all are. You are continually releasing healing negative ions to help us heal & you mirror pure tranquility, peace & harmony always. Even in your storms of power & transformation you hold balance for all, cleansing, clearing & beginning a new every day. Your infinite healing energy sticks to our consciousness even when we are miles away. We hear your symphony of lapping ocean waves in a fleeting thought, which instantly embraces us with peace and serenity. You touch our hearts with unlimited love & consistency, reminding us that all life is precious & infinitely valued. You teach continual flow & change always, reminding us that life is impermanent, & you gift us with new experiences, creative ideas & changes that enrich our lives daily. You beckon & call us to you, often to stop what we are doing & come & feel your timeless love of expansiveness, so that our hearts can remember our way again. How interesting that we come from water, are water & need water to survive, yet we fear your deep mysteries, instead of embracing & welcoming your vast infinite gifts. You are full of magical spirit beings who desire to support & connect with us, yet we resist their loving gifts & instead fear the unknown. You model creation & change so majestically yet we still don’t get that we are all creatures of creation. You honour all emotions & expressions of life yet we still don’t trust that you are there for our survival. You teach that balance & harmony are bliss, & our true nature, yet we challenge & resist your obvious truths. Fear is the inability to trust & accept the many gifts that embrace us daily. In our awkwardness in fumbling through life we so often miss the many opportunities & gifts that are presented to us daily. Our resistance to grow & change inhibits our awareness of the oneness of creation, but resistance is futile as the Universe is unfolding before our very eyes, whether we engage or not. The choice is ours to partake & awaken to the infinite creation before us, so that we can embrace the most beautiful beings that we each are. In Divine form there is perfect completion & infinite love, harmony & balance, which also serves our oneness & feeling connected to source always. The challenge is, accepting the infinite love that surrounds us daily & embracing ourselves with complete acceptance, that everything is perfect in how it unfolds. I ask & pray for all, that we release any resistance, that prevents us from being our truest form of infinite love, & knowing that everything is perfect exactly as it happens. May we cherish all life experiences & lessons as if they are our last, so we can fully embrace & receive the many gifts that we are here to receive, before we complete & return to Divine Source once again. In that way we can accept our complete self & infinitely trust in the balance, harmony, peace & pure love that life truly is.

As the giant whales of the oceans model for us their wonder & greatness, we too can embrace our daily lives with a new perspective, & receive their ancient wisdom. As the dolphins model our oneness & our telepathic connection that we each have, we begin to understand & desire to embrace all that we each are & all that life has to offer us. Our value of life is greatly altering & deepening into a very higher state of being & enlightenment. This is allowing us to receive infinite levels of love & compassion, for ourselves & all life forms, that co-exist with us here on planet earth. We are able to embrace a new value, appreciation & gratitude for all living creatures of creation, & begin to understand the vastness of infinity & oneness that we are all part of. This in turn allows us to take an active part in our Universe unfolding by embracing every moment with wonder, amazement, appreciation, & loving intent & harmony. As we embrace this stage of human enlightenment we are able to receive the knowledge & gifts from our vast star seed soul families, that fill the infinite Universe. We are coming home within ourselves, to feel & know our oneness connection that is our birthright to become whole beings once again. Even when we feel unloved, uncomfortable, confused, strange or indifferent, especially then, please know that you are growing into accepting every part of who you truly are. The transformations & metamorphosis that we are each experiencing, as we transcend awakening our souls at every level, is why we came to earth in the first place.  Embrace with your heart each emotion & experience, & know that you are birthing into your infinite presence of oneness of everything. The purest form of complete, compassionate, infinite love & connectedness to all.  I deeply thank the great whale giants of the oceans & seas, the dolphins for their constant sonar & inner knowing & for their inspiration that prompted me to write my msg for 2012. May we all embrace with grace, thanks & knowing how vastly important this enlightened year of 2012 truly is. We can celebrate that we each hold a part of the unfolding of our enlightenment & bringing heaven & earth together as one. We are living in a magical time of a constant state or miracles & manifestations of what we truly desire in our heart centers. Pure love is truly being awake at every level & intending balance & harmony for all life forms, in all space in the infinite Universe. It is time to birth into the gift that you are, your truest, loving being.

My wish to you is, abundant blessings of love & joy, peace & oneness for all.