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Year 2007 December 31, 2006

Posted by Joanne Eve Fraelic - PsychicChoices.com in Inspirational Messages.

Mayan CalendarGreetings everyone for 2007.  Here we go into an amazing year of the Matrix “download” towards the Mayan calendar close.  I see the transition being in 2011…some say 2012-2013?  A precise date is irrelevant though inevitable.  The old pattern of comparison to another or WAR energy is gone completely and deleted forever.  Once and for all!  FINALLY, we have evolved past our noses…  “Yay for us humans!”  By George, we finally have got it down here!

We have evolved past needing approval from others or mirrors to confirm where we are at.  We realize we are absolutely perfect in every way, or we wouldn’t be in the journeys at exactly the places that we find ourselves…duuuuh?!  We now know that we can simply “JUST BE” without adding anything to it, and appreciate life and what it has to offer; everything that happens in life has a Divine timing often different than what our mortal selves can comprehend.

So this year I decided to use am amazing “reverse vortex” being in Victoria, right in front of Beacon Hill Park overlooking the U.S. side across the sea or strait, to connect to the only other reverse vortex being Auckland , NZ. By opening and connecting both these vortexes, a dear goddess friend and myself borrowed the local Aboriginal sacred rock formation, representing the four vortexes of North, South, East and West and the center opening, to channel and bring in the powerful energy of the NEW PATTERNS.  The new patterns that we need to download are void of any more war or comparison energies.  Prayers went down on paper, directly as we had them channeled to us today!
Channelled message from Joanne:
Joanne at Beacon Hill Park

Open connections to sacred sounds from all times and especially future, so that we may HEAL AND UNITE OUR DIFFERENCES into ONE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS.  We are the sacred DNA path of Christ consciousness, (respecting all times on mother earth inclusive, as time is all ONE) and it is time to remember our way and take up our sacred journeys, so that we can work together, in JOY, PEACE, LOVE, RESPECT, PLAY AND INNOCENCE.  Let us mostly remember to “JUST BE” and release the need to control, compare, hate, deny, anger or battle in WAR.  It is time NOW for us all to dance and celebrate.  OUR EARTH is our precious HOME that we must Love, Respect and finally live in Harmony with.

Mother Ocean is warning us to take responsibility for our errors and turn things around or we won’t have an earth home to live on!  Mother Ocean says for us to remember so heed her warning: “I WILL BE HERE LONG AFTER YOU ARE ALL DEAD AND GONE.  WHEN WILL YOU LEARN TO RESPECT ME BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!”  Rise up dear human race and learn from your mistakes and choose to honour Mother Earth as you must honour yourselves.  Without love and respect for CREATION we will not completely know that all experiences are a test and lessons for our learning.  Mostly LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I LOVE YOU COMPLETELY.


Joanne & Carmen at Beacon Hill Park - December 2006Here is my dear friend and fellow goddess Carmen’s message which was also channelled through this same sacred VORTEX…

Channelled message from Carmen:
December 31st 2006 From the past to the future; round and round; and up and up we go (vortex); ever evolving onto higher planes, until we reach Consciousness.  Creative Intelligence, guide us to a higher consciousness.  Use me as your vessel through which to do your work here on Earth.

The playing fields have been levelled.  Help my follow humans to realize that the old patterns no longer work.  Usher them into the New World .  Help me be the conduit for your sacred message through sound, which will become expansive as the year 2007 unfolds.  Trigger the evolutionary changes in our physical realm, to break the trance at the sub-atomic DNA level.  A multi-dimensional interphase with the Creator which is a Biological interphase; that we need to trigger something in our DNA strands so that we can move beyond the patterns so we can see beyond the 5 senses, into the realm of evolving into 7 SENSES: SIGHT, HEARING, TOUCH, SMELL, TASTE, AND THE 2 EVOLVED SENSES BEING, “PSYCHIC ABILITIES AND FEELINGS and EMOTIONS”.

This process will allow us to evolve our DNA to exist beyond our present abilities to enable us to literally evolve IN CONSCIOUSNESS, as the human race must to SURVIVE, in order to co-exist in TRUE HARMONY!  THESE PATTERNS ARE THE PATHWAYS THAT WILL ALLOW US TO BREAK THROUGH THE “TRANCE”, THE “DENIALS”, THE “DECEPTIONS” as we NO LONGER NEED THEM TO SERVE!  THROUGH STEPPING INTO THIS DIMENSION OF TIME AND SPACE, WE ARE ALLOWING HEAVEN TO CO-EXIST SIMULTANEOUSLY RIGHT HERE ON EARTH AS “ONENESS” TOGETHER.  We have to interphase with Universal consciousness at a deeper or higher level in order to be CO-CREATORS IN “ONENESS” WITH THAT GREAT CENTRAL CREATOR ENERGY.

So if any of you are not in “ONENESS” with yourself, perhaps you can begin by reaching inside yourself, to that “speck of knowing why you are here”, and START THERE TO TRY and connect to the ONENESS from which you came from in the first place.  LIKE THE ENDLESS KNOT, LIFE IS BIRTH AND DEATH ALL IN THE SAME LOOP.  “ONENESS”.

p.s.  We all know what roses grow in!  So don’t criticize anyone else, and rather thank them for their reflections of that same piece within yourself, that is in “SEPARATION NEEDING TO FIND HARMONY, BALANCE AND ONENESS”.

Blessings to each and everyone as we embark on this mystical and very sacred “DOWNLOAD PATTERN” OF 2007, SO WE NOW HAVE A MODEL TO FOLLOW.  We have a GUIDE AND SPIRIT to WALK US INTO THE MAYAN CALENDAR ENDING TIME, within 4 to 7 years.


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