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Year 2006 March 15, 2006

Posted by Joanne Eve Fraelic - PsychicChoices.com in Inspirational Messages.
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How often do we ask : “What is in store for me?” or “What is in my future?” or “What is around the next corner?!”

We are so eager to step into the UNKNOWN rather than to remain in the most precious gift, THE PRESENT. The PAST is history, the FUTURE is a mystery, the PRESENT is a GIFT that is why they call it the “PRESENT”.

When we can mostly remain in the present we are fully touching, feeling, sensing, contributing, and manifesting exactly what Divine and our Higher Self wants us to be doing. We are also serving ourselves in our full power for the good of everyone. I feel very deeply that most people will not cause harm to themselves or others when they are truly in the present, because they are fully feeling and sensing the miracle of just how precious LIFE really is. When we use hurtful words or actions we are often in the past or future agendas, and they are mostly based in “fear” not “love”.

If we can all just take a moment to think before we act or speak to others, perhaps we would allow our Divine selves to guide us more directly and more lovingly toward others and ourselves. Our ‘agendas’ are really segmented parts of ourselves, or lessons that we need to learn to bring into harmony and love, which will create a deeper understanding, greater wisdom and awareness that helps us become more in alignment to the Oneness of All. In turn we will feel more joy, happiness and a deeper sense of purpose and also be able to understand why we are here on earth, living what is supposed to be a Divine right of passage, in the Universe unfolding.

Have you noticed already in this year 2006, that people are bumping into souls that they haven’t seen for ages, even childhood? Why do you think that is? Perhaps it is to download past data and bring it into alignment now to be used in the future coming. One thing for sure — when we see someone from our past we can’t help but notice just how far we have grown and learned our lessons and that we’ve become wiser. I believe these synchronistic encounters are to primarily mirror to us, just how much we have learned and how far we have grown since that time when we first knew that person. Another reason perhaps is to reconnect the old energies and to synthesize or transmute the knowledge, experience, emotions and spirit into the present time where we can make the best use of them, and apply the knowledge to our lives now. It is always a blessed accomplishment when we can achieve our growth through our lessons with others.

Of course most people are complaining about extreme challenges, which creep up suddenly upon us when we least expect them. Many people have experienced crisis situations that appear suddenly, throwing us off our balance and that safe and secure place of being. Just when we think we have everything in “control”– just how we like things to be for feeling safe and secure and confident — there goes the Universe throwing us a huge curve ball to off set our balance.

Why do you think that is anyway? I believe this is the Universe testing us to see if we are truly ready to begin our ascension towards the huge earth shift coming in the year 2012-2013, when the Mayan calendar is expected to END. So in simple words we are being prepped and prepared, for the amazing changes that are ahead of us as the next 6 years unfold. Spiritualists say this planet we call home, earth, or our world won’t be the same as we know it now, but will be more in alignment to the Divine predestined sacred times that we are Divinely meant to be evolved forward into.

At some point deep inside us all who take up space on planet earth at this time, we know full well that our reason for being here has a much larger Divine purpose, which has yet to unfold. It will be a huge celebration when our evolved consciousness unites, as one energy, to finally begin our journeys together as one family of humans, finally understanding that we are really “spirits having a human experience”.

Then we will finally begin to understand that any vibration that is not based in “love” but in “fear”, reflects something within us all as a complete human race in consciousness, that we need to learn to heal together. All suffering on earth plays a part in the consciousness of each of us on earth. As we begin to understand this concept we evolve forward with unconditional love and compassion, towards that great central sun we call our creator. Take a moment every day to begin to acknowledge all suffering souls and send them pure, loving, crystal white light of compassion, to help raise their vibrations, to better mirror where we all want to be. This simple meditation daily will create miracles in our world and bring us together as one family of souls. We have a shared human experience. When we achieve harmony with each other, we become in UNITY and all the SEPARATION will cease to exist. As we move forward in our evolution so will our desire for balance, harmony, unconditional love, and unity which all lead to enlightenment, which is our final destiny.

So each and every day congratulate yourself for being alive at this time and do your best to walk in truth, honour and respect, at all times, without causing yourself or anyone else any harm. As we all step up to the plate, and own our own mistakes by taking responsibility, than our world will become a blessed planet of UNITY AND HARMONY, where karma will become instant and we will no longer have the need to look back and regret our previous actions. Look at each soul you encounter every day as a gift and opportunity to learn something that your soul needs to feel in Unity and perfect harmony. This year 2006 is all about learning to rise above the occasion and surf or levitate on the top of all misfortune, while you focus on the bigger picture that is unfolding right before your eyes, with willingness to be flexible throughout each and every experience, knowing that all life lessons hold a special reward and blessing which is eagerly waiting to enrich you beyond measure.

Blessings and Namaste for 2006
– Joanne Eve