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Open Your Heart, Mind & Soul December 25, 2005

Posted by Joanne Eve Fraelic - PsychicChoices.com in Inspirational Messages.
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This Christmas is a time to help others. Globally many souls are suffering with unfortunate hardship in their lives, due to natural disasters. When the Universe opens up an opportunity to help others then we have the ‘choice’ to respond or not.

I always encourage people to respond with their hearts as there are always blessings and great lessons in return when we reach out to others with our unconditional and compassionate heart! After all, we are all ‘one’ and we all need to learn to “dive into the contraction of our lessons, to embrace greater love. That is a quote from my dear cousin who is a great healer and advanced soul of love and light.

Pay attention when you are triggered or irritated by others, as it is really a ‘vehicle to heal’, as is all illness too. The triggers are really a reflection of our own ‘shadows’ that ask for acknowledgement, love and healing – with absolute compassion. So instead of reacting and feeling anger with ‘triggers’ from others, be thankful for the opportunity to heal that part of your own ‘shadow self’ instead.

The greater the trigger (or the more you react to something someone says or does) the greater the need for you to take responsibility for your own ‘shadow side’ and accept that part of yourself. Then you can begin work on healing that aspect of your self. When people suffer in the world we all play a conscious part, as we are all connected or ‘one’.

So do your part and send prayers and positive thoughts in support of all those who are suffering on earth at this time. Every day be conscious that your loving soul is helping those people by simply sending them love and compassion. Thank them for their part in taking the pain and suffering and releasing it off the earth. Often it is not just their own suffering but the consciousness of many. They are clearing that suffering for us all, bless their hearts.

Have you ever noticed the spirituality and wisdom in the eyes of starving children on TV programs about Third World countries? When there is no food our soul seeks sustenance through our spiritual connection in the journey through survival. Yes, I do see pain too, but there is something of ‘oneness’ that is unmistakable, connecting us at a very deep level. I say a prayer every time I eat, so as to honour the starving souls at this time on earth and send them blessings. Isn’t that what Christ did in the time he dwelled on earth and now continues to support us in spirit always?

So in conclusion, I encourage you to make an effort to ‘step up to the plate’ and to ‘own your own part in our ONENESS’. In that way we can all raise our consciousness towards enlightenment, as that is why we are on earth together. We came from the light and we will return to the light.

Blessed are the innocent for they shall inherit the blessings of Heaven and earth… as it is all ONE. When you greet loved ones, friends, and strangers this Christmas, remember that we are all ONE CONNECTION and know that unconditional love and compassion is the fuel for Spiritual Development and Conscious Awareness.

– Joanne Eve