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2013 Christmas Craft Fairs October 3, 2013

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Join me at these great craft fairs this holiday season!

Christmas in the Manger Craft Fair & More!
Over 150 other vendors on November 23rd and 24th from 10am to 4pm at the Saanich Fairgrounds – 1528 Stellys X Road in Saanich for a great variety of crafts and food items.

Admission is only $2 and parking is free!

Creative Craft Fairs 36th Annual Show
November 9th to 11th at Pearkes Rec Centre (3100 Tillicum Road)

The 36th Annual Creative Craft Fair provides an abundance of sights, sounds and the familiar aromas of Christmas in the air. You can look forward to seeing an array of crafts to purchase for the holiday season. Professional exhibitors will show their finest:

Jewellery, Glass, Pottery, Dolls, Teddy Bears, Folk Art, Candles, Wood, Bath & Beauty Products, Clothing, Wreaths, Weaving, Toys, Quilting, Xmas Decorations, Preserves, Specialty Foods, Paintings, Sculpture, First Nations Art, Cards, Prints, Stationery, Music, High Quality Imports and much more.

Saturday,November 9th, 10am to 5pm
Sunday, November 10th, 10am to 5pm
Monday, November 11th, 10am to 5pm

Admission is $5.50/day or $6 for all 3 days!
Children under the age of 12 accompanied by an adult free!
Parking is free!

See you there!

Year 2013 July 11, 2013

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The sad but gift of the truth, is that all Government’s LIE and DECEIVE and their angle is to keep the people in the DARK and hold power and control over them.

We will see many truths come to the surface and much deception and lies exposed beginning with this year, and it will continue ongoing exposing the truth. I know it is very difficult NOT to react with anger and fear, but DON”T because that is the only way that we as a collective humanity can change and stop the senseless killing, lies and deception.

That is their prime objective, to keep us all in fear and anger, which FEEDS into the victim state which keeps them all in power and control…..the old para dimes or conditioning; “right and wrong, poor and rich, strong and weak” and the very worst “who gets to decide who dies and who gets to live”, (senseless wars, Drone attacks etc). But really it is all a joke and fake, because people know in their hearts what right and wrong truly is and no one can be tricked into NOT trusting their inner knowing.

All the revolts around the world against senseless killing is proof that humanity is awakening and unplugging from these old belief forms and we are all collectively changing our future outcome on earth by becoming aware of the fear and control based programming, and no longer choosing that outcome as our future.

Becoming aware and the deception being exposed at so many levels of our existence, is proof that we are consciously choosing a new future without lies and deception. So that we can move into our true purpose of existing, to create a conscious future that is based on cherishing all life and choosing to live always in harmony, balance and integrity for all that is. That is our true nature, to be human is to love life and respecting all life forms, and harmoniously co-exist together by embracing all experiences as creation unfolding.

The TV series “TOUGH” is on again, worth watching as they are bringing up some of the vary points that I have made here with proof that the Universe unfolding is the only “control” part that we can know is truth in form, and that we can truly count on. As the masses of souls on earth “unplug” from the lies and deception forced on us daily, we are freeing ourselves from control and bondage, that is completely the opposite to who we truly are as human beings….hence the term “integrating our shadow selves” is to fully know the complete powerful light beings that we humans truly are!

First is awareness, which allows us to unplug and stop believing in the programming or conditioning, which in turn causes breakdown of deception, which allows us all to create the future outcome that we all know is in our highest good. These times we live in are miraculous in transformation of humanity into a higher state of being, with enlightened knowledge, consciousness and choice. Evil will always be in existence but how we perceive that evil or choose not to let it break our human spirit, is key to our “inner growth and awareness”, in knowing that we are all just doing our part in this enlightened evolution within the infinite Universe unfolding.

So for me it seams very clear that it is always in my best interest, to view all life happenings and experiences with an open mind and heart, ready to receive new knowledge based on my personal choice, and not on the projected programs or conditioning of others. That is what feels in truth to how I exist and live my life, and gives me an inner knowing that I am “creating what I naturally choose my life to be. Which also empowers me to know that I am creating my life according to my own inner power of purpose, and it also allows me not to believe untruths or deception to bring me down in life.

I deeply appreciate everyone’s intelligence, sensitive inner knowing and perspectives, and I am happy to see that there are those of you who are choosing to question the very core of all deception, lies and misery on earth. As we all embrace our human consciousness, we are unhooking from the deceptions and lies, and we are no longer being affected by actions of distructive fear and anger, and that is what will “stop” the senseless killing and unconscious human beliefs that LIMIT us from how “powerful” we truly are.

We need to be aware of the “celebration” on earth that is happening now, our awareness of all knowledge of the Universe birthing within us all. As we evolve forward we will naturally create a more harmonious and balanced existence, based on integrity, compassion, love and growth and knowing all possibility is based on “infinity” and no longer “limitation” of anything. That is why we are questioning our enlightened rights as humanity and choosing to create a new world without limitation, hence no more feeding into fear, pain, struggle or LACK of anything in our lives.

So bless the “truth warriors” of humanity to have the courage and integrity to speak out and expose the lies and excuses for killing others or creating distruction of any kind! There is hope and proof that humanity is waking up and no longer being silent, and proof that we humans are choosing that killing others is not an option anymore. We are awakening your “truth heart center” within each of us, and collectively knowing the ONENESS that we each share.

Speak of environmental changes in connection to consciousness.


Year 2012 April 5, 2012

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2012 Message from Mother Earth’s OCEANS & WHALES

I agree to be the cosmic being that I was created to be & complete the contracts that I have agreed to fulfill.

Dear compassionate mother OCEAN, purifying, cleansing, releasing, continually balancing, & recharging every droplet of water within us, bless you for infinitely being there for all life for all times. You give life, you are full of life & mysteries, you take life & are always in harmony with all oneness holding the balance for all time.  Bless your gentle giants the WHALES for choosing to co-exist with our life transformations & to teach us. Bless their healing songs that continually heal us & align our body frequencies to be able to let love into our hearts & complete being.  Bless you for constantly raising our vibrations to align to the balance & harmony of all life forms in oneness. You guard the mysteries & sacredness of the ocean, & gently when we are ready you download & gift us timeless knowledge that helps us to feel, be & desire the oneness that we all are. You are continually releasing healing negative ions to help us heal & you mirror pure tranquility, peace & harmony always. Even in your storms of power & transformation you hold balance for all, cleansing, clearing & beginning a new every day. Your infinite healing energy sticks to our consciousness even when we are miles away. We hear your symphony of lapping ocean waves in a fleeting thought, which instantly embraces us with peace and serenity. You touch our hearts with unlimited love & consistency, reminding us that all life is precious & infinitely valued. You teach continual flow & change always, reminding us that life is impermanent, & you gift us with new experiences, creative ideas & changes that enrich our lives daily. You beckon & call us to you, often to stop what we are doing & come & feel your timeless love of expansiveness, so that our hearts can remember our way again. How interesting that we come from water, are water & need water to survive, yet we fear your deep mysteries, instead of embracing & welcoming your vast infinite gifts. You are full of magical spirit beings who desire to support & connect with us, yet we resist their loving gifts & instead fear the unknown. You model creation & change so majestically yet we still don’t get that we are all creatures of creation. You honour all emotions & expressions of life yet we still don’t trust that you are there for our survival. You teach that balance & harmony are bliss, & our true nature, yet we challenge & resist your obvious truths. Fear is the inability to trust & accept the many gifts that embrace us daily. In our awkwardness in fumbling through life we so often miss the many opportunities & gifts that are presented to us daily. Our resistance to grow & change inhibits our awareness of the oneness of creation, but resistance is futile as the Universe is unfolding before our very eyes, whether we engage or not. The choice is ours to partake & awaken to the infinite creation before us, so that we can embrace the most beautiful beings that we each are. In Divine form there is perfect completion & infinite love, harmony & balance, which also serves our oneness & feeling connected to source always. The challenge is, accepting the infinite love that surrounds us daily & embracing ourselves with complete acceptance, that everything is perfect in how it unfolds. I ask & pray for all, that we release any resistance, that prevents us from being our truest form of infinite love, & knowing that everything is perfect exactly as it happens. May we cherish all life experiences & lessons as if they are our last, so we can fully embrace & receive the many gifts that we are here to receive, before we complete & return to Divine Source once again. In that way we can accept our complete self & infinitely trust in the balance, harmony, peace & pure love that life truly is.

As the giant whales of the oceans model for us their wonder & greatness, we too can embrace our daily lives with a new perspective, & receive their ancient wisdom. As the dolphins model our oneness & our telepathic connection that we each have, we begin to understand & desire to embrace all that we each are & all that life has to offer us. Our value of life is greatly altering & deepening into a very higher state of being & enlightenment. This is allowing us to receive infinite levels of love & compassion, for ourselves & all life forms, that co-exist with us here on planet earth. We are able to embrace a new value, appreciation & gratitude for all living creatures of creation, & begin to understand the vastness of infinity & oneness that we are all part of. This in turn allows us to take an active part in our Universe unfolding by embracing every moment with wonder, amazement, appreciation, & loving intent & harmony. As we embrace this stage of human enlightenment we are able to receive the knowledge & gifts from our vast star seed soul families, that fill the infinite Universe. We are coming home within ourselves, to feel & know our oneness connection that is our birthright to become whole beings once again. Even when we feel unloved, uncomfortable, confused, strange or indifferent, especially then, please know that you are growing into accepting every part of who you truly are. The transformations & metamorphosis that we are each experiencing, as we transcend awakening our souls at every level, is why we came to earth in the first place.  Embrace with your heart each emotion & experience, & know that you are birthing into your infinite presence of oneness of everything. The purest form of complete, compassionate, infinite love & connectedness to all.  I deeply thank the great whale giants of the oceans & seas, the dolphins for their constant sonar & inner knowing & for their inspiration that prompted me to write my msg for 2012. May we all embrace with grace, thanks & knowing how vastly important this enlightened year of 2012 truly is. We can celebrate that we each hold a part of the unfolding of our enlightenment & bringing heaven & earth together as one. We are living in a magical time of a constant state or miracles & manifestations of what we truly desire in our heart centers. Pure love is truly being awake at every level & intending balance & harmony for all life forms, in all space in the infinite Universe. It is time to birth into the gift that you are, your truest, loving being.

My wish to you is, abundant blessings of love & joy, peace & oneness for all.

Christmas Craft Show @ Saanich Fairgrounds – Nov 26 &27 October 16, 2011

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Visit me for the 37th annual Christmas In The Manger Craft Show at the Saanich Fairgrounds on November 26th & 27th.

I’ll be in the main building from 10am to 4pm on both days – come talk to me about the healing properties of crystals and visit over 135 other exhibitors at the same time!

Click here for a map to the Saanich Fairgrounds

Creative Craft Fair @ Pearkes Arena – Nov 11, 12 & 13 October 16, 2011

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I will be at the Creative Craft Fair at Pearkes Arena from November 11th, 12th & 13th.

This is the show’s 34th year, and with over 100 exhibitors this year, you’re sure to find that special gift for everyone on your holiday list!

Come on down, I’d love to meet you and teach you about the healing properties of minerals.

I’ll be there for the full show:

  • Friday, November 11th : 10am – 8pm
  • Saturday, November 12th : 10am – 5pm
  • Sunday, November 13th : 10am – 4:30pm

click here for a link to Pearkes Arena (3100 Tillicum Road) on Google Maps

You can click here to find more information on the Creative Craft Fair website.

Connecting to your Spiritual Path – November 4th October 16, 2011

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When:  November 4th, 5th & 6th

Where:  The Beach Club on the most sacred & rare tidal flats in Parksville, Vancouver Island

Connect to your spiritual path and soul journey, discovering your Goddess within, then to the soul of planet earth, then onward to the INFINITE COSMOS!

Of course learning & experiencing about sacred crystals and earth gems is a must.  We will be doing sacred meditations, ceremony fires evenings, healing circle daily, spirit boards, aura readings including 22pgs of info, natural & vegetarian food provided, group healings, and so much more.

There is only room for 11 people and a blessed 6 people to stay on site.  You will know if you are meant to attend.

Please click here to contact me if you’d like more information or if you’re interested in attending!

Light & Love,

~ Joanne

An updated photo October 16, 2011

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Thanks to my friend Aeoliah, who took this lovely photo for me at the Old English Inn.

Ian Lungold’s Summary of 2010 & 2011 November 5, 2010

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If you’d like to learn more about the Mayan calendar’s measurement of our enlightenment awakening for 2010/2011, I’d recommend this website and the related 6 short videos of the Mayan elders speaking.

As the Mayan calendar ends 2012, this information is essential for all.

Click here for the Mayan Majix website.

Year 2010 May 27, 2010

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STOP BELIEVING IN POWER OVER YOU….some cultures force women at an early age to believe men have the ultimate POWER OVER THEM…and THEY are only running those old FALSE BELIEFS……you are conditioned to believe you HAVE NO POWER…..you have been taught the OPPOSITE to what is truth and that is the BASE OF YOUR UNHAPPINESS AND GIVING UP YOUR POWER in believing anyone has POWER OVER YOU!!!! GOD created us all EQUAL…..READ THE QUR’AN….IT IS IN ALL HOLY BOOKS….we all know that in our hearts…..so please question when you don’t believe you are created with equal power as all or every other humans!!!! THAT IS A TRAP AND THE EVIL OF SATAN….OR WHOMEVER YOU SEE AS THE ULTIMATE DISTRUCTIVE FORCE. That evil force refused to come into perfect love and therefore wants us all to also refuse love and light…..so that force is not ALONE! Basically that evil force is being FORCED TO CHANGE NOW IN THESE MYAN CALENDAR TIMES OF CHANGE

Visit this amazing website about INTELEGENT DESIGN and watch the ancient Mayan priests wisdom words for your times that we are in now. Also this information has come for infinitely evolved enlightened being in the vast universe to may ancient cultures even yours, and we all need to know the truth of or past. You will find comfort in this information and it will free you, feel free to please share it with others.

Ian Langold this MYAN ELDER/SHAMAN sacrificed his life the past 20 yrs as he passed 2005, he spent all that time teaching the world about these MAGIC ENLIGHTENED TIMES THAT WE ARE IN NOW!. His dying wish was to spread this knowledge to as many people as possible so that we can TRANSCEND OUR PAIN into the NEW WORLD ORDER that will follow for the next millions of years into the future! WE are clearing with celebration STRUGGLE, PAIN, SUFFERING, WAR, KILLING, all UNLOVE basically…..and we are in times of GREAT CELEBRATION ON PLANET EARTH and therefore CELEBRATION IN THE entire UNIVERSE! Many beings are in BLISS that we HUMANS ARE AWAKENING finally TO THE VAST LOVE AND LIGHT THAT IS OUR BIRTH RIGHT. As that will also propel and project ENLIGHTMENT into the future for all LIVE EVERYWHERE IN EVERY CORNER OF THE UNIVERSE! So simply just LET LOVE AND LIGHT FILL EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE PERFECT IN EVERY AND DESERVE TO BE LIVING IN PURE LOVE AND COMPASSION FOR ALWAYS! Pain and suffering is only an illusion now and no longer has power or purpose in your existence! So we need to do our separate parts and STOP BELIEVING THAT PAIN exists! It is only a speck of sand caught in-between our toes that we can “BLOW OUT”. The CHOICE OF LOVE AND PEACE IS BEFORE US ALL NOW AND IT IS PERFECTLY “NATURAL TO BEING HUMAN” TO WANT perfect LOVE & PEACE for all live and all that is! So go play in your life now and ENJOY YOUR BLISS OF PERFECTION! Whenever you feel PAIN OR SUFFERING, just be your child and LOVE INSIDE YOUR HEART and all will be PERFECT IN FORM!

I thank you for the precious gift that you are and I thank you for the lessons and healing that I have learned from knowing you and I all souls you meet feel the same gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful soul that you are…..that we each are….in our glorious “ONENESS”. Blessings for you always dear child of the Universe, perfect in your completeness in every moment of your life!


This is a magic doorway on Pfeiffer Beach near Big Sur on the N. CA coastline, a magic place where God’s love and light is very strong. May you find comfort with this Divine God creation and find it in your heart of heats to accept your PERFECT FORM THAT GOD CREATED YOU AS!

CHECK THIS LINK TO WATCH THE NEWEST SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY ABOUT “intelligent design”…. Darwin’s Theory of evolution proven with computer microscopic science!!!! Very interesting! Basically within every cell and at the core of all life…there are machines consciously evolving linking science to spirituality and being human.

Year 2009 January 8, 2009

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2+9= Divine #11, ENLIGHTENMENT plugged-in and we are now finally “AWAKE”. No more choosing the path of resistance only EASE & EFFORTLESSLY with instant confirmation through out our whole body, mind and soul!  As quickly as you can “snap your fingers” I assure you our human consciousness is evolving beyond any boundaries that we have ever experienced before!  August 8th and September 11th were 2 very important dates, that powerful transformational frequencies & energies, sent by highly evolved beings beyond earth and many universal galaxies away, downloaded for our highest evolvement of our “ENLIGHTENMENT PLUGGING-IN” (connecting to the rest of the vast UNIVERSE of evolving souls) completely in support of our enlightened evolution.  Even our DNA has been added to in order for us to be able to raise our consciousness to the next Divine and AWARE or AWAKE levels!  We as a human collective consciousness, PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS (that is the complete CHAKRAS of many numerous varying shades of abundant colours beyond the spectrum that we know and normally see) and we now are CHOOSING spiritual growth over and above material and ego centered choices, as we have done in the past on earth.

We have learned that our soul is not complete or satisfied with mundane “things” but rather our soul now chooses infinite spiritual food of compassionate awareness, action, and consciousness, for the enlightened growth of our human species.  That also goes for taking immediate actions for the HEALING PRESERVATION of our HOME PLANET, dear MOTHER EARTH, out greatest teacher of the true value of LIFE, HARMONY, ONENESS & COMPASSION, at every level and within every cellular life form and being.  All life is entitled to “be & exist” without judgement and with value and purpose, so that we truly “get” and understand the divine gift of every living life form and the lessons that each one has to offer.  Just exam the “sacred space between molecules” to better understand the MIRACLES that happen in that “void”!  Have you even noticed the “magic that happens in the SPACE between 2 people when they share especially with compassion and unconditional love?  That same magic is there even in conflict, suffering or pain, as that “void space” or black space is where true growth and rebirth take form.  We are awakening to realize that we are evolving beings with INFINITE possibilities depending on the choices we make in life.  Just as our lungs breath “in & out” so does our spirit, (our heart) breath with every experience, we also grow. We humans are emotional beings, one of the most difficult and challenging species in the Universe, and we seldom give ourselves credit for the hard work that it takes, to live our lives with compassion and purpose.  The real challenge is in not hurting ourselves and others in the process.

If you thought 2008 flew by just wait and see the “lightening SPEED” that this DIVINE #11 passes in actually a new FORM of time!  Old patterns are GONE, fresh new beginnings at many levels are in form beyond our imagination!  REACH FOR THE STARS we all came from THERE or somewhere “BEFORE THE EARTH WAS BORN, at least our soul did!!!  We are now plugged-in to the vast Universe of infinite beings, knowledge, energy and awakenings, so get ready to USE YOUR SPIRIT WINGS and FLY INTO INFINITY!  EASE & EFFORTLESSLY are the right choices, not doubt or resistance anymore.  Prepare yourselves for experiences, vast knowledge & awareness, huge abundance at every level, and infinite blessings, feeding our souls completely.

We have ARRIVED, claiming our birthright and soul’s brilliance.  Hard work brings GREAT REWARDS, and we are all tasting Divine Enlightenment FULLY AWAKE, for the VERY FIRST TIME in our human history!  HUMANS REJOICE, CELEBRATE & Relish your joy, happiness, growth, excitement of being alive, loving and being compassionate beings.  Our EGO’S have finally resolved to co-exist with our SPIRIT’S in balanced ONENESS.  Since the beginning of time, at least on earth, humans have struggled with finding the balance between the “ego mind the WILL” and the “heart the SPIRIT”.  We have come to understand and realize that survival is essential for those 2 parts of ourselves to accept complete unity and value in balance and harmony.  Our being is content when this alignment happens, knowing both sides are equal, coexisting in harmony and completeness.  Our mind is our “will” our heart is our “spirit”, both need each other to feel life fully, and truly know what it is to be ALIVE and AWAKE.

It will become obvious to most, that there are 2 veins of souls: #1~ the later being the old world ways of lower vibrations, comparison, control, conflict, denial, pain and suffering; and #2 the NEW FORMAT is higher vibrations of being, acceptance, empowerment, awareness, compassion, joy & happiness ~ which is truly the path to enlightenment.  We all have the awareness to KNOW the difference and CHOOSE what is important for only our highest good and that is for all humankind and life forms.

So ENJOY your souls exploration of “oneness” this year, and the beginning of your soul’s awareness that we all desire enlightenment together.  Master Kwan Yin is a powerful example of true compassion, as she gave up enlightenment to reside with us on earth until every last soul receives enlightenment which is truly “being connected to everyone and everything “ALL AT THE SAME TIME or UNITED AS ONE”.

So cherish the experiences this year, especially the challenging ones, and know that you are being gifted a piece of your own inner truth that feels separate needing oneness with you, with peace and harmony.  We actually learn more deeply from our weakness than our strengths, and our weaknesses are the catalysts that help us define what we truly need and dream for in life.

Very simply spoken, as the wonderful movie “Australia” teaches, and I believe is an ancient Maori teaching also; we all have a STORY, which is our life, we all have a DREAM, which is our purpose, and we all have a HEART which is our soul.  Without all 3 we are not truly alive or living life, and without our STORY & DREAM our HEART IS DEAD!  We learn from each other by sharing our life story, our dream and our heart becomes AWAKE and at peace or content to JUST BE!